Welcome to Namjin Lab.

My interests focus on understanding the ecological processes in terrestrial ecosystems in a changing world. My laboratory studies responses of plants and soils to natural or artificial disturbances including on-going climate changes and forest managements for the sustainable coexistence of mankind and nature. My current researches are focusing on temperature responses of autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration components to various environmental controls.

My laboratory explores following questions:

1) How do forest ecosystem components respond to climate change and forest managements?

2) How do these responses affect carbon and nitrogen cycles?

3) How do those alter forest ecosystem functions and structures?

To address these questions, we investigate and quantify the carbon and nitrogen pools and fluxes from plant and soils, such as soil carbon sequestrations, soil and root respiration, and heterotrophic respiration including coarse woody debris respiration. We also conduct climate change manipulation experiments in open-fields and laboratory to predict and model their responses to future climate changes.