Area of Research Interests

  • Carbon and nutrient cycles
  • Belowground carbon dynamics
  • Soil biogeochemistry
  • Climate change
  • Warming experiments
  • Forest management
  • Silviculture

Assessing the impacts of thinning and harvesting on forest carbon stock and developing a forest management model (funded by KFS, FY: 2022-2024)

Understanding impacts on extreme climate events on growth characteristics of pine and larch seedlings (Collaborative research with Korea Univ. (PI: Y Son) and NIFoS (PI: M.S. Cho), FY: 2020-2022)

Study on ‘Suitable Site Selection’ for afforestation/reforestation: Exploring impacts of climatic variables and site characteristics on early growth performances of Korean major species (funded by NIFoS, PI: M.S. Cho, FY2020-2024).

Improving predictive understanding of temperature sensitivity of soil respiration and its components in Australian temperate forests. (PI, Elise Pendall, Mark Tjoelker, FY: 2017-2020)


Synthesis of ecological impacts of emerald ash borer on carbon and nitrogen pools and fluxes in black ash wetlands. (Co-PI, funded by USDA-FS, Co-PIs: Wagenbrenner J, Pypker T, Kolka R, FY2016-2017). Project website: EAB in Black Ash Wetlands

  • Figure. Girdling treatments for EAB mortality simulation (left) and carbon flux measurments from coarse woody debris (right) in black ash wetlands, MI.

Belowground carbon dynamics model linked with nitrogen and phtosynthesis by experimental warming. (PI, funded by JSPS, FY: 2014-2016)

  • Figure. Open-field experimental soil warming using heating cables in Tomakomai experimental forest (TOEF) (left) and Takayama Super site (TKY) (right), Japan.

Global warming impacts on forest ecosystem functions by spatio-temporal integrated study (funded by JSPS, PI: Muraoka H)/ Climate change impact assessment of forest ecosystem functions by satellite-ecophysiology-modeling integrated study (funded by JSPS, PI: Muraoka H, FY: 2012-2016)

  • Figure. Canopy warming systems (left) and ingrowth core experiments (right) in cool-temerate deciduous forest in Takayama (TKY), Japan.

Determining the impact of global warming on carbon cycling in temperate forest ecosystem: a study using an open-field warming experiment (funded by NRF, PI: Son Y, FY: 2010-2011)

  • Figure. Open-field warming using infrared heating ramp in Korea University.

Forest management impacts on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in forest ecosystems (funded by NRF, PI: Son Y, FY:2006-2009)

  • Figure. Forest tending works in pine forests (left) and stand density managements (right) to understand forest carbon and nitrogen dynamics in managed and unmanaged pine forests.

A3 Foresight Program: Quantifying and predicting terrestrial carbon sinks in East Asia: toward a network of climate change research (funded by NRF, FY2008-2010)